Dog Bite Cases and Prevention

What is the best way to protect yourself from being sued if you have a dog?

Many of you own a dog and love your dog very much.
You probably couldn’t imagine your life without your dog.
Most dog owners take their job very seriously.

But how do you protect yourself from being sued if your dog bites someone?

There is no one simple answer to that question.

Mostly it involves using common sense concerning the care of your dog.

One such protection is to never let your dog run off of your property and onto the street.

There are local ordinances that require a dog owner to have your dog on a leash at all times when you leave your house.

Another common protection you should consider is to be careful about who your let your dog come in contact with.
Strangers your dog does not know can be problematic for both you and the other person.
For example we all know of stories of mailmen being bitten by a dog when the mailman was just delivering mail to the house.

Another area you might be careful about is letting a friend eat food right next to your dog.

Some dogs will jump up on someone they do not know when the person is eating food near the dog. This can lead to serious problems for you.

Be very careful concerning children around your dog. Children are naturally inquisitive and loving towards dogs.
They may accidentally do something to upset your dog.

That can lead to a child being bitten by your dog and you being legally responsible for it.

Pittsburgh dog bite attorney Bernie Tully has represented victims of dog bites in many cases.
I can tell you that sometimes a person who is severely bitten by a dog can have lasting scars about the face and arms and other parts of the body.

We have represented children of dog bites and some of them had graphic ghastly scars about the face from the bites.

The problem is that a dog bite can happen in a second despite no one wanting it to happen.

Pittsburgh wrongful death and dogbite attorney Bernie Tully believes that if you follow some of the advice offered above, you will greatly reduce the possibility of being sued in a dog bite case.

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Bernie the attorney