Electrocution and Electrical Shock Cases

Electrocution cases

Because there are so few electrocutions and electric shock cases (as opposed to say an auto accidents or a slip and fall case), it is possible for an attorney to become pretty specialized in the handling of these cases by only doing a couple of them.


Because they usually follow a similar legal pattern.

Our office currently has 3 electrocution cases that we are pursuing.

That is a lot believe it or not.

Almost always, electrocution and electric shock cases involve not only serious injuries but sometimes even death claims.

Everyone knows the power of electricity and the force it generates.

Even coming in a very brief contact with a live wire that is fully charged can cause devastating injuries.

Just last month the Pennsylvania courts came down with a ruling that is very favorable to our side.

Our side meaning the victims of an electrical shock.

Not the big electrical companies.

Rather the small guys. Like me and you.

What the court case basically said was that a provider of electricity like say West Penn Power or Penn Electric, owes the absolute highest duty of care to anyone who reasonably may come in contact with their source of power.

This is an important case because it reinforces the idea that companies like West Penn Power and General Electric have an absolute duty of care in providing their services to the public.

And if they violate this very high standard of care that is owed, the Courts have said they are then responsible for any injuries that occur due to their neglect.

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Many attorneys have never had an electrocution or electric shock case to deal with.

So why not call Pittsburgh electric shock and electrocution attorney Bernie Tully now?

Because I have.

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