What If the Person At Fault Has An Out Of State Insurance Policy?

Here is some more good news regarding wrongdoers with out-of-state insurance policies.

A break for consumers like you and I.

As we have discussed, in Pennsylvania, the law is if the accident happens here the insurance company for the wrongdoer must provide at least the bodily injury limits of $15,000 per person under the states minimum bodily injury liability coverage.

So what does this mean in plain English?

It means that some states like Florida do NOT have a mandatory minimum policy nor do they even require a motorist to have bodily injury protection.

Shocking right?

Therefore they have zero bodily injury insurance coverage for an accident.

However if the accident happens in Pennsylvania the insurance company for the wrongdoer is required to provide the Pennsylvania state minimum of $15,000.

If the tortfeasor has a policy of insurance in say Florida and she did not buy bodily injury liability on her policy,  you could be in a world of hurt.

Why is that?

Because that means you can’t get anything from her insurance company.

As we discussed before the chances of getting money from a person who doesn’t have insurance is slim and their distant cousin none.

Therefore in this situation you’re in luck because you would at least be entitled to the $15,000 minimum that Pennsylvania provides.

I admit to you that that’s not much.

But sometimes something is better than nothing.

Incidentally that is why Pittsburgh auto accident and out of state insurance attorney Bernie Tully is a strong proponent of increasing the mandatory minimum insurance that is required of all persons having insurance in the state of Pennsylvania.

It should at least be $50,000.

What is preventing this from happening?

You guessed it.

The insurance companies.

The reason they are fighting this tooth and nail is because they’re making more money keeping the state minimums low. They can charge a higher premium for these minimum policies and their exposure is capped at $15,000.

That’s nothing as we all know.

Pittsburgh auto and out-of-state insurance attorney, car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernard Tully suggests that you contact your local state representatives to let them know we want the mandatory minimum to be raised to $50,000 in Pennsylvania.

This would only slightly increase your premium if you have the state minimum.

It would on the plus side guarantee that you would be entitled to more substantial money if you’re the unfortunate victim of an auto accident in Pennsylvania.

That’s the view of Pittsburgh out-of-state insurance attorney, car accident attorney and wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully.

What do you think of all this?

Suppose you were hit by a tortfeasor and had serious bodily injuries.

Say perhaps back surgery or knee surgery.

Wouldn’t you want the wrongdoer to have adequate insurance to protect you in this situation.?

Thanks for reading.

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