Product Liability Law-$1.8 Million Dollar Verdict

Products Liability and Negligence Law:
Is an unguarded slicer blade a forseeable hazard?

Wait do not go to sleep on me. This is interesting.


Because a Pennsylvania jury just awarded a plaintiff $1.8 million in a jury verdict on this very question.

Without going into many unnecessary details of the case, an injured victim was severely sliced by a prepared meat slicer.

A meat slicer that did not have a GUARD cover on the blade.

The blade was exposed.

Then Murphy’s Law went into effect.

The victim had to have surgery to repair her severed arteries from the impact of the unguarded slicer blade cutting her.

Legally the central issue was basic.

Should the defendant have foreseen that an unguarded slicer blade could cause serious injuries to a victim?

It doesn’t matter too much how the injury occurred.
In fact in this case the machine had been disassembled and the guard of the blade had been taken off for transporting purposes.

But the central issue was why didn’t the defendant put a cover or a blade over the slicer?

In the personal injury field as well as products liability law and negligence law this single word is HUGE.


Because if the defendant who caused the injuries could have foreseen that a person would get severely damaged from one of its machines or products, then they can be legally liable for all the injuries that occur because of it.

And in this case the jury found that the injuries were worth $1.8 million.

That will wake you up.

Again this is why there is at least SOME limited value to injury lawyers.


Because by forcing the issue and filing a lawsuit against the defendant who isn’t much concerned about safety but is very concerned about the bottom line, society benefits.


Because it makes all defendants more safety conscious.

And it can only help folks like you and me.

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