Your Car Insurance SKYROCKETS Because of Distracted Drivers

If you really want to change someone’s behavior hit them in the pocketbook where it hurts.

That bit of philosophy is what the car insurance industry is using on us as a way of dealing with distracted driving.

Car insurance premiums are going through the roof because of the increase in car accidents due to distracted drivers.
Texting is the biggest culprit, but talking on the phone and taking a quick look at Instagram and other social media outlets are also contributing to this problem.

And as everyone knows, distracted drivers are a menace on the highway.
If you are texting and driving you are seriously increasing the risk of getting in an accident.
The accident damage depends on the extent of the collision and the person’s injuries.
Rest assured that the insurance companies are NOT going to bear the burden of paying out for these lawsuits.
So how did the insurance industry get around it?
You got it by increasing the consumers rates.
That means folks like you and me are paying for people out there texting and driving and causing serious accidents and even deaths.

You are allowed to talk on the phone while you’re driving. But talking on the phone can still be deadly.

Texting and driving takes this distraction and multiplies it by 100 .

And texting and driving is illegal. It is the equivalent of driving blindfolded while operating a car.

Can anything be more deadly than this?

Society can change if the penalties for distracted driving are serious enough.

The same thing happened with drunk driving  about 30 years ago. Before then it was almost considered okay to drink and drive. But then Mothers Against Drunk Drivers got involved and forced the Courts to put drunk drivers in jail.

And it worked!

This has to be a 1st but what I’m about to say is true.
Pittsburgh auto accident safe driving and distracted driver attorney Bernie Tully supports what the insurance companies are doing 100%.

Yes that’s true.
For once in my life I agree 100% with the auto insurance industry on something.

My God I better run to the confessional!

Anyway that’s my thought on the subject.
What is yours? Thanks to my son Kevin for the idea of this article.
I’m really interested in hearing your opinion whether you think increasing car insurance rates is the right way to deal with distracted driving.

Let’s go Pens!

And let’s go Bucs!

Thanks for reading.
Bernie the attorney