J&J Hit With $110 Million Dollar Talc Verdict.. It Could Be Your Mom

At first glance, an award of $110 million against a corporate giant like Johnson& Johnson may seem almost unfair. If ANY company gets hit with several verdicts like this it can bankrupt the company. However when you read what the company has been doing to innocent women like Ms. Slemp  you can see the juries reasoning. Because what Johnson & Johnson did either knowingly or unknowingly is to kill this poor woman. Her cancer from use of  their Baby Powder talc has caused her cancer to spread to her liver. Everyone knows what that means. It is a death sentence.

Johnson&Johnson has made billions of $$ in profits over the years by mass producing the baby powder to women as a SAFE product. The jury reached its’s huge verdict because the product was anything but safe. It may cause cancer to anyone who used it for a long time. Like YOUR mom.. From that perspective, Pittsburgh Product liability and Baby Powder attorney Bernie Tully believes the $110 million dollars is small compared to taking  someone’s life. Pittsburgh Products liability and Baby Powder attorney Bernie Tully wonders whether anyone would take $110 million dollars in exchange for their life.

Personal injury lawyers do provide some benefit to our society. It forces billion dollar companies like  Johnson& Johnson to take consumer safety very seriously. When they do not or when they put $$ profits ahead of people like you and me and our mothers they should be hit and hit very hard.

Anyway that’s what Pittsburgh product liability attorney Bernie Tully thinks.

How about you? Do you think your mom’s life is worth more than $110 million dollars? Of course it is. Please think about it and consider the article below  from the Legal  Intelligencer. Of course we can put you in touch with a firm that does baby powder cases.

“On May 4th a St. Louis, Missouri jury handed down a $110 million verdict in favor of Virginia resident Lois Slemp, who claims that she developed ovarian cancer after decades of using Johnson & Johnson cosmetic products containing talc.

Slemp, whose cancer has spread to her liver, was too ill to attend the trial.

The verdict is the largest handed down so far against the drug giant in relation to its talc-containing products, such as the company’s signature Baby Powder as well as Shower to Shower body powder. There are currently more than 2,400 similar suits pending against Johnson & Johnson related to their talc products, and the recent verdict will likely encourage plaintiff’s attorneys to continue to press their claims.”

Well the first game didn’t go so well for the Penguins. Let’s hope they do better and win Monday night.

Go Penguins!

Your attorney friend Bernie Tully.