July 2017

What Is New At The Law Firm of Bernard M. Tully?

I have just written a Personal Injury book. The book is called “How To Get The Most $$ For Your Injury Case”. The book will be uploaded to our website for your viewing. In the book I say the vast majority of all our new personal injury cases come from the good people (you) who read my monthly Newsletter! I thank you for continuing to refer us friends, relatives and neighbors. Anyone who was injured in an accident is worth us talking to. Thank you.

Helpful Legal Information To Know: Temporary Workers Can Sue For Bias

Companies contracting with employment agencies can now be held liable for temporary employees’ discrimination claims according to the U.S. Court of Appeals. If an employee is working for a company even as a temporary worker and is discriminated against, the temp can sue the employer.

Find Your Government Representative

Ever had a hard time finding out who your state representative is and what their phone number is? Here is an easy way to find out. Just text your zip code to this phone number: 1-520-200-2223. When you put in your zip code, it will automatically send you the names of your federal and state representatives and their phone numbers. Try it! Thanks to Tyke O. (a reader) who first told me about this.

Shocking Stat For Women-Female Inequality And Gender Gap

According to a new study it will be another 100 years before women are fully paid the same money as men for doing the same kind of work. This is just appalling and completely unfair to women!

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Considers Step-Parents’ Child Support Duty

There is a case currently before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court where the mother of a child is attempting to receive child support from the step-father of her children. She claims that he pursued custodial rights in Court for the step-children, so he is obligated to pay the children’s child support. Do you agree?

Settlement Over High School Hypnosis Deaths

The families of three teens will receive a large money award after hypnosis by the school’s unlicensed principal led to the children’s untimely deaths. The school principal conducted hypnosis on the children without being properly qualified. Ultimately the children ended up killing themselves and the families sued the school.

Jury Awards $5.4 Million To Brain Damaged Cyclist

A jury has awarded $5.4 million to a man who suffered a brain injury after falling off his bike because of a road defect. The patch of road where he fell was dangerous and caused the severe injuries in this case. Guess how much of that money the victim will get? $500,000. Why? Because that is the most anyone can recover against a State or governmental agency. Do you agree with this?

Fantasy Sports Headed Back To Realty

A class action lawsuit has been filed against 2 major players in the fantasy sports industry, namely DraftKings and FanDuel, questioning the self-regulatory methods of their contests. It’s like insider trading where employees from the companies take the internal information like player rankings and strategy and submit teams to the opposing company.

What We Do In Criminal Cases

We recently filed a Habeas Corpus Motion for a client who was charged with DUI. The Habeas Corpus Motion claimed the Commonwealth could not legally prove when the Defendant last consumed alcohol before driving his car. The Judge agreed with our position and threw that part of the DUI case out of Court. That didn’t get rid of the other charges against him, but at least the one section of the DUI case against my client is gone. (Whew!)

Woodland Hills School Disaster

Local news stories about how many teachers, administrators and maybe even the new principal have physically abused and beat high school students are just shocking. The school has to clean house and these people must stop hitting and abusing students. What do you think?

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Bernard M. Tully, Esquire