How Much $$ Do You Want For Your Case? Insurance Trick 7003..

What is insurance trick number 7003?

It is when they ask”How much $$  do you want to settle your case”? Huh? What trick?
You are injured seriously in an auto accident. You had back surgery and physical therapy. You have been off work for 6 months due to the carelessness of the other driver.

You start to think maybe I can do this myself and save myself attorneys fees.(you creep)lol

So you start talking to the insurance adjuster. He or she is very nice to you on the phone and wants to meet with you in person.(Any bells going off yet?)

At some point the insurance adjuster says to you well what do you want to settle your case for?

That loyal readers is insurance companies trick number 7003. It is in ALL insurance adjuster’s arsenal.

Why do I say it is a trick?

Because as soon as you say how much you have just fallen into the insurance trap. You’ve set a CEILING on the value of your case.
Without knowing what the insurance company’s policy limits are.

Suppose the insurance company has a $300,000 auto insurance policy.
You say to yourself I want to get this done and not be greedy so I’ll ask for $100,000.

Pittsburgh auto accident insurance negotiator and best Pittsburgh accident attorney says you may have initially cost yourself $200,000. The reason for that is you just placed a limit on what you’re willing to settle your case for of $100,000.

And it gets worse.

The insurance adjuster will never offer you the $100,000.
Because after they use the other 7002 insurance tricks in their arsenal they often wear you down to where you are willing to settle your case for $50,000.
In that situation you may have cost yourself $250,000. Because the value of your claim in that situation could very well have been the policy limits of $300,000.
The problem in trying to negotiate your injury case yourself against an insurance adjuster is that you will never be told by them what their policy limits are. The only way you’ll find that out is by is by filing a lawsuit. Then you send over to the insurance adjuster what are called written interrogatories. At that point legally the insurance company is required by law to reveal what their limits are.
That way you’re not negotiating in the DARK.
For a free complimentary strategy session in which we review your whole file at no cost to you and give you our assessment as to the value of your claim, call how much $$ do you want for your case car accident attorney Bernie Tully today.
Thanks for reading.
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