Do You Need An Attorney For Your Injury Case? Maybe NOT!



Do you always need an attorney for your personal injury,slip and fall or car accident case?

I say no. If there are no statute of limitation problems, no issue concerning who the proper defendant is and your treatment is very limited, then try to settle the case yourself.

That way you do not have to pay fees on the case.

How is that for a guy turning away business?

Pittsburgh settlement attorney,accident and injury lawyer Bernie Tully believes in the long run it is better to be honest with people rather than leading them on.

And that belief applies whether it’s a slip and fall, products liability or car accident case. It is not worth it to get involved in a case just in order to get a fee.

However this advice is quite different if you happen to be involved in a serious injury case.

Why the difference?
Quite simply the stakes go up considerably when you are seriously hurt in an accident.

In other words if you mess up on a case that is only worth $1000 it is certainly not the end of the world.
But if you try to do your own case in order to save attorneys fees on a serious matter and screw up, you can be seriously hurting yourself financially.

Let me give you an example.
Suppose you were hurt in a slip and fall injury case, had to have surgery and lost a lot time from work from the accident.

If the injuries are serious enough and the liability is clear maybe the insurance company will offer you $50,000. If you take that amount the $50,000 is all yours.
However suppose under those exact facts an experienced attorney could get you $300,000.

Were you better off doing it yourself?
The answer should be pretty clear. Under the first example you would net yourself $50,000.

However under the second example if the attorney’s fees is one third, you would net yourself $200,000. ( $300,000 $-100,000 attorneys fees means $200,000 to you)

Now that is not a guarantee by me and each case is different but I think you understand the point.

If you have a small case worth under say $1000 without any obvious legal issues, you may wish to consider trying to settle the case yourself to save attorneys fees.

However anything more than that, Pittsburgh settlement attorney car accident, slip and fall and injury lawyer Bernie Tully thinks you would be well served to get an attorney.

And let me be the first to recommend such an attorney to you.

His name is directly below this.

Bernie the attorney Tully (LOL)

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