3 Easy to Understand Ways To Help You With Your Wrongful Death Case..

Everyone understands the  Wrongful Death of a loved one is a living nightmare. You are entitled to seek $$ damages for your loss. So what? But that sadly is the ONLY thing the law can give you for your tragic loss. $.

Some people are naturally offended by this, but tragically it is true. $ is all the law has to offer you. It cannot bring your loved one back.

Additionally, one of the worst empty feelings imaginable is knowing a loved one’s death could have been prevented.

That is where an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you.

What CAN we do? We can help you get a fair settlement for your loss.

Pittsburgh Wrongful Death and Settlement attorney Bernard Tully has been practicing law for over 30 years. That is a lot of experience to help you with your case.

The legal team at Wrongful Death and Settlement lawyer Bernard  Tully Esquire in Pittsburgh,  Pa. knows the intricacies of wrongful death cases can be difficult to handle ALONE.

This is why it’s best to hire a personal injury attorney if you plan to file a lawsuit.

3 Easy To Understand Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help With a Wrongful Death Case

1. Determining Fault

With personal injury cases, fault is almost always apparent. Auto accident, medical malpractice, and slip and fall cases typically have a clear-cut culprit. In wrongful death claims however, the fault can blur. Figuring out a lawsuit can be based on WHO  set the tragic events in motion, such as a drunk driver.

Was it the drunk driver or the Bar which over served the drunk who is at fault? The picture has to be clear to establish a lawsuit, and a personal injury attorney will help you organize it.

2. Gathering Evidence

wrongful deathThe key to winning wrongful death lawsuits is proving negligence. This requires witness testimonies, evidence, and statements from experts. Gathering this information can be difficult, especially if you’re grieving. A personal injury attorney will spearhead the process and employ a number of resources to collect evidence. This is the lifeblood of your case, and, once obtained, it can be invaluable in creating a compelling argument.

3. Determining & Securing a Settlement

Unlike personal injury cases, settlements for wrongful death lawsuits can be more difficult to estimate. Outstanding medical bills, lost wages, funeral costs, and anticipated future hardships from losses all have to be gathered, estimated, and factored in. A personal injury attorney can help with this process. Once it’s proposed, they will then represent you to either negotiate an out-of-court settlement or secure one in the courtroom. This representation is invaluable and will ensure you get the amount you’re entitled to.

If you’re dealing with a family members death, turn to Pittsburgh Wrongful Death lawyer Bernard M. Tully to help you. We have extensive experience with a variety of cases and will help you secure $ for your loss. Call (412) 281-8700 today to just talk or visit our website to learn more about us.