October 2017

Legal Update

Thank you for the many calls for a FREE copy of my book, “How To Get The Most $$ For Your Accident Case”. Our book has even been picked up by Amazon and Kindle! So if you want a FREE copy of my book just call us at 412-281-8700. As I say in the book, most of my new case referrals come from YOU wonderful readers of our Newsletters. Not the Internet, the phone book or social media. From you! And we truly Thank You for that!

Pennsylvania Jury Hits J & J with $57.1 Million Verdict

A Philadelphia jury awarded $57.1 million against Johnson & Johnson after a trial concerning transvaginal mesh product liability mistakes. The jury decided that Johnson & Johnson knew or should have known that their product would cause the deadly injuries to the victims. If you have a mesh or talcum powder case, please call us. We can help you.

Jury Awards $1.25 Million For A Botched Foot Surgery

A Delaware County Pennsylvania jury awarded $1.25 million to a woman who had an extra bone removed during a routine foot surgery. The jury was apparently enraged at the oversights and lack of professionalism associated with the surgery that led to this poor woman’s bone removal. What do you think about the amount of this award for an extra bone being removed?

Pennsylvania Supreme Court To Hear Controversial UPMC Data Breach Case

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case alleging that UPMC is liable for the theft of employee identities. The case centers around an identity theft breach committed against the employees while working at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. This is an important case so stay tuned on this one!

Overheating Samsung Smart Phone Litigation

Samsung has asked a Federal Judge overseeing the class action litigation of overheating Smart Phones, to throw the claims out of Court. Their solution is to have them heard in Arbitration. Why Arbitration? Because that is a much better forum for them than having the claims heard before a jury. This is another way that major billion dollar companies like Samsung try to load the dice against you and for them.

Can You Answer This Legal Question?

If an employee reaches a settlement of her workers comp claim, can she then bring a subsequent claim under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) against the employer? What if it is for violations occurring during the same period as the workers comp claim? The answer is yes since they are separate acts. Did you get it right?

Widow Can’t Sue UPENN Over Scientist’s Brain Cancer

A widow of a University of Pennsylvania scientist who studied the effects of radiation and died of brain cancer, possibly derived from exposure to radiation, cannot sue the University for his death. Why? Because the widow did not get an expert witness to support her claim that exposure to radiation during her deceased husband’s research at the University of Pennsylvania caused his death.

Even to get your case to a jury, you need an expert who causally connects your injuries to the negligence of the defendant. A lot of times a case rises or falls on this very issue!

Harvey & Irma – How Americans Come Together

Everyone understands our society is polarized politically. Red states, blue states. Wow! However I was encouraged and heartened by America’s reaction to the devastation of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. During these disasters Americans didn’t ask whether you were a conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican. All they knew was their neighbor was in trouble and they wanted to help. This is America at its best.

Finally, we will match any donations you may have made to the Hurricane Relief Funds.

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FYI: As always, thank you all for reading and remember that Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday, November 5, 2017.

How lucky we Pittsburghers are to have the 2 time Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins AND the Pittsburgh Steelers in our city. They help most of us get thru the cold winter months! Now if only the Pirates could get back on track….