November 2017

Thanksgiving Help

Some families are still barely able to afford a regular meal much less a Thanksgiving dinner with stuffing and everything else that goes with it. If you, as one of our valuable readers, are in that situation, please feel free to call us at 412-281-8700. We will HELP you. The call is confidential. Come on, we are all in this together!

Thank you readers for your generous referrals of friends, family and neighbors to our law firm. It really does help us!

What Do Clients Want In A Personal Injury Lawyer?

In my experience, you the client want to know that we care about your case and about you as a person. Yes, clients want competence but caring is hugely important to injured victims. They want to be heard. We hope you know that we really do care. That is what I have learned in doing injury law over the last 30 years! Caring matters!

Lawyers Building Blackout

Recently my office in the Lawyers Building was hit with a total blackout of power and electricity for about a week. No computers, no lights, no air and no running water. Holy Stress! As I mentioned on my Facebook page, my son Michael and I had to trudge up 23 floors to pick up files and then come down the 23 floors in the dark on a humid Saturday. However, we got through it, and our management did the right thing. They actually gave us a credit on our rent for the six days we were off without power or electricity. Does that make us whole? Of course not but it was a step in the right direction!

Man Awarded $8.5 Million After Being Crushed By 2,800 Pound Transformer

A man crushed and seriously injured by an electrical transformer weighing nearly 2,800 pounds has been awarded $8.5 million by a Pennsylvania jury. This award shows that even though you may be seriously hurt at work, sometimes you can pursue an additional claim beyond Worker’s Compensation benefits. Please always call us for any injury you have at work. You may be able to sue a 3rd party (not your employer) even if the accident occurred at work.

Currently we are pursuing a case for a client who was electrocuted by a third party company while working as a tree trimmer around power lines. Yes, we also do workers compensation and commutation cases. Call us!

General Motors Agrees To $120 Million Ignition Switch Settlement With States

General Motors allegedly concealed an ignition switch defect on vehicles it made. The $120 million settlement came 3 years after G.M. issued recalls for more than 9 million vehicles in the United States for a defect that caused cars to suddenly lose electrical systems, including power steering and power brakes. The settlement also requires G.M. to tell dealers to complete recall repairs before making a car eligible for certification or delivering them to a new customer. Sometimes lawyers and the law can actually help the public. LOL!

Criminal Law: License Suspension

A client of mine was recently charged with License Suspension Habitual Offender. That is a bad one because it means the loss of driving privileges for at least 5 years. But because the client went proactive and immediately got into an in-patient drug treatment program, the Court and the police officer helped us. The end result was we got the Habitual Offender charge dismissed completely. Yes, we do criminal cases.

Criminal Law: Pa Superior Court – New Big Decision On Blood Tests

The ban on warrantless blood tests for driving-under-the-influence (DUI) suspects applies to individuals suspected of DUI (controlled substances like marijuana) as well as traditional DUI’s (alcohol). The Court has spoken!

A Thanksgiving Tip For Phone Tag

It seems like we constantly play telephone tag with clients, adjusters, attorneys, and other important callers. Here is one tip I have been trying to use for this problem. When I call the person back I leave a detailed message, and say a specific time when they can call me back if they  do not pick up my return call. Also, if they can leave their direct number, that is another plus. Does it always work? No, but it works better than just leaving a message!

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