July 2018

Nursing Home Cases – Advice

An issue that often arises in nursing home cases involves getting an expert’s report. The expert’s report must address whether the level of skill used at the nursing home in your loved one’s situation fell below the accepted legal standard for nursing homes. Our firm has been using a nationally recognized medical doctor/expert to assist us in such claims. So if you have a nursing home or any elder abuse case, please call us.

$25.75 Million Verdict Awarded To Plaintiff In Johnson & Johnson Asbestos Contaminated Baby Powder Litigation

A California jury awarded $25.75 million in damages to a victim who developed mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder talc-based products. We can put you in touch with specialists in that field if you have such a claim.

Workers Compensation Cases

Did you know the law is in your favor in workers compensation cases? Is your workers compensation claim being challenged by your employer or the insurance company? Do you want to learn more about a lump sum or one time payment of your compensation claim? If so, please call us at 412-281-8700.

Criminal Cases

What is a Phoenix Docket Case? What is Hotel Court for cases not eligible for 1st time DUI or drug use cases? Do you know what a merged or suspended sentence is? Do you have a criminal case and need a detailed FREE meeting to discuss these terms? If so, please call us.

Practical Tip Section – Help For You In Your Everyday Life

If you are in an auto accident and your insurance company and the other person involved in your accident have the same insurance, say Nationwide, State Farm or Erie, you may get a break. The break is that even if the accident is your fault, if the accident you were involved in has the same insurance as the other driver, they may waive responsibility and not list it as a chargeable accident against you in the future.

Practical Tip Section – Best Offers At Mediations

How do we really know what is the insurance company’s final best offer? Each case is different. But when I really think that is their top offer, I usually ask for $5,000 more. Why? Because the worst that can happen is the insurance company will not budge. Then you really do know you are getting the best offer for your client! My sole goal is to get YOU the most money for your injury claim. Hey, that should be the title of a book. Wait that is the title of the book I wrote about auto accident cases! Want a free copy? Just call us.

How Judges And Lawyers Assess The Value Of A Claim

When you are involved in a serious slip & fall or auto collision, the question is what’s the value of the case?

Liability is often conceded in rear-ender accidents. So how do people who regularly handle these kinds of cases get a handle on what the case is worth? Well one thing I use are past verdicts for similar types of accidents under similar circumstances. No two cases are alike so it is difficult to gauge the answer to that question solely from past verdicts. However, if 10 prior juries all said that the RANGE OF VALUE for a soft tissue rear-end auto accident is $15 to 20,000, for example, that IS pretty strong evidence that your jury would likely come in within that range.

The Picture Concept

If 2 people are looking at a picture, one may think the value of that picture is “X” and another person may think the value of that same picture is “Y”. X and Y might be $50,000 apart. That is basically the dilemma we face in trying to assess case value. One thing you can be sure of, though, is the advice I provide you is my honest assessment of your claim.

What Is The Tully Family Up To

Katie, our youngest daughter, starts school in September working towards her PhD in psychology. Good luck Katie! We know you will succeed in Graduate School!

Michelle and I went out to Iowa recently for our grandson Evan’s 1st Holy Communion. We all had a great time.

Other than that our family is (hopefully) just like yours. We are all just enjoying the Summer!

Steelers Talk: Are you excited about the start of Steelers training camp? Is this our year for the Super Bowl?

CONGRATULATIONS to Tina W. who won $50.00 in last month’s Newsletter contest.

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