Slip and Fall cases- Role Reversal-What you would ask an insurance attorney

What if you had a chance to reverse the roles and ask the insurance attorney questions about THEIR slip and fall and why they weren’t paying attention? What questions would you ask?
As I posted on my Facebook page at Bernard Tully Attorney-at-Law I sort of had this opportunity recently.
It was entirely tongue-in-cheek but I think you can understand why it was so appropriate for me.
Here is how it went;
Make My Day-An insurance attorney friend of mine was injured riding his bike when he hit into a tree. I started asking him with questions like he was on the witness stand:
1 Sir where were you looking when you were injured?
2 Didn’t you see the tree in front of you?
3 There was nothing blocking your view of the tree was there?
4 What do you do for a living Sir?
Even he was laughing. lol Bernie
Now this was done in jest but I think you can see the value in it .
So many times insurance attorneys put the victims of a serious slip and fall case on the defensive.
They ask questions like I posted above in attempt to torpedo your case.
And make no doubt about it, the questions that the insurance adjuster‘s attorney asks you at your deposition in a slip and fall personal injury case are for that purpose.
Again the purpose is to destroy your case by making it appear like it was YOUR fault and not the fault of their clients.
Pittsburgh slip and fall attorney Bernie Tully thinks it’s important that you understand HOW Slip And Fall Serious injury cases work.
YOU are the victim and you have been seriously injured. Maybe you had to have back surgery or knee surgery or neck surgery.
You may have been off work for months because of your injury without any $ coming in to your family.
So how does the insurance industry deal with your human dilemma? Are they sympathetic to your situation?
Most people know the answer to that. Their prime focus is on preventing you from getting any money for your injuries.So they throw up legal roadblocks.
They say you were not paying attention. They say you were not looking in front of you. They say the hazardous condition that they created was obvious to anyone. They say they did not get proper notice to fix the condition.
I think you get the idea.
My job in representing you is to effectively deal with these roadblocks and clear the way for you to get $ for your case.
Like how we think about this? Have you been in a slip and fall serious injury case? Would you like us to help you?
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