Do you need a Car Accident Attorney?

Do you need a Car Accident Attorney?

Car Accident Attorney

Did you know that over three million people in the United States are injured every year in car accidents?  In one year alone, over 5.6 million car accidents were reported in the United States. The annual amount of damages caused by auto accidents are estimated at a staggering $277 billion each year.  With car accident injuries being such a common part of everyday life, you need an attorney experienced in representing accident victims to ensure that your rights are protected.

Bernard Tully Has Experience As A Car Accident Attorney Representing Victims in the Following Types of Cases:

  • Head-on Collisions
  • Rear-end Collisions
  • Rollover Collisions
  • Side-impact Collisions
  • Road Departures
  • Multi-vehicle Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Collisions
  • Hit-and-Run Accidents

What Types of Injuries Are Most Common?

  • Head and Back Injuries
  • Neck and Chest Injuries
  • Emotional Distress

Car Accident Attorney

Head and Back Injuries

By far the most serious, head injuries result from passengers striking their heads against steering wheels, dashboards or windows.  Such head impacts can result in injuries ranging from concussions to long-term cognitive injuries.

Back injuries are fairly common. Damage to the spinal cord can result in lifelong nerve damage.  A herniated disk is a less serious injury but can still result in long-term complications for victims.  Such disk injuries can result in numbness or tingling sensations, muscle weakness and pain in the limbs.

Neck and Chest Injuries

The most common car accident injury is known as whiplash.  Caused by a sudden jerking of the head and neck, whiplash can cause severe neck muscle and ligament damage.  More serious cases involve temporary or even long-term vocal cord paralysis.

Common chest injuries suffered include broken ribs and even collapsed lungs.  Preexisting heart conditions can become aggravated and a victim can go into cardiac arrest from an accident.  Internal bleeding, damage to internal organs, pelvic injuries and abdominal injuries are also fairly common.

Emotional Distress

Car Accident AttorneyBeing involved in a major auto accident can result in post-traumatic stress disorder.  The fact that accident victims most often drive in a car with close friends and family members can make accidents very traumatic.  Counseling for emotional distress sustained in accidents, as well as other psychological injuries is common.

If you have been in an accident it is important to follow these steps to protect your rights:

  • Call the police immediately so that the accident is documented.
  • Cooperate with the responding officers.
  • Collect as much information at the scene as you can.
  • Seek medical treatment immediately.
  • Speak with Bernard M. Tully Attorney at Law to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are adequately compensated for the pain and financial distress you have suffered. Bernie has over 30 years of experience as well as (32) 5-star reviews serving the Pittsburgh region.

If you have suffered any of the above injuries as a result of a car accident it is important to contact car accident attorney, Bernard M. Tully immediately to protect your rights. With over 30 years of experience and over (30) 5-star reviews, you can trust in Bernard M. Tully to represent you. Our firm has handled a wide variety of car wreck cases. We help people who have suffered significant injuries, as well as families whose loved ones were killed by negligent drivers, to obtain the maximum compensation possible.  Contact us today!