Severe Bicycle Accident – Did you know…?

Severe Bicycle Accident – Did you know…?

Serious Bicycle Accident Between 2006 and 2015 there was a six percent
increase in the annual number of bicyclist
fatalities. While this amount represents less
than two percent of all traffic deaths, bicycle
trips account for only one percent of all trips in
the US. Thus, while cycling is generally a safe
and healthy activity, there are inherent dangers
present due to the vulnerability of the cyclist.
Such bicycle accidents are often caused by
contact with a moving vehicle or by car doors
being suddenly opened into the cyclist’s path of travel.


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generally have two potential claims. The first is a No-Fault claim. A No-Fault claim is a claim
against a portion of insurance coverage that the State must provide. No-Fault claims generally
cover medical treatment and lost earnings arising from the accident.


Serious Bicycle Accident

The second claim is a bodily
injury claim. In order to be
successful in a bodily injury
claim, the plaintiff must
establish that the defendant’s
violation was a substantial
factor in causing the accident
and that he/she failed to
exercise reasonable care in the
operation of a motor vehicle.
In addition to claims involving
automobiles, a cyclist can be injured due to defective road conditions. In such cases, the
cyclist may have a claim against the local governing body if he/she can prove that there existed an unreasonably dangerous condition and that such condition caused the accident.

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