October 2018

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New Workers Compensation Decision Can Help YOU The Injured Worker

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled favorably for workers concerning repayment of future medical bills related to injuries from work. Please feel free to call us regarding details on this.  We are helping a client right now on this issue and welcome any Workers Comp call concerning representation or lump sum settlement of a claim.

What Is New At The Tully Law Firm

We have been concentrating on helping clients with their underinsurance cases. In a car accident case the victims are sometimes hampered by the fact that the wrongdoer carries only a minimal policy of auto insurance. In Pennsylvania the state minimum is still only $15,000. This is unbelievably low in today’s society.

So what do you do when the wrongdoer has inadequate coverage to make you whole? The best advice I can give is to buy as much underinsurance as you can. The reason for this is that in the unfortunate situation where the wrongdoer has a $15,000 minimal auto policy, you can then look to your own underinsurance coverage to recover more $$. And it is important to know that your insurance company cannot under any circumstances raise your insurance rates because you make an underinsurance claim.

Also sometimes there are other ways to make, you, the car accident victim whole. One example is if you are in a car collision through work. In that situation you have the added benefit of making a claim through your own employer’s underinsurance policy. Often times these policies provide $1 million in coverage.

We are currently helping several clients in that very situation. Our firm routinely handles underinsurance cases for clients either through their own policy or their employer’s policy if the accident happened while at work. Please give us a call to discuss any of these situations or just to get some free advice.

Drunk Driving Accident Deaths

Here are some horrific statistics on drunk driving car fatalities: In 2016, 10,497 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes which accounted for 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S. Not included in this statistic are the countless innocent motorists injured in accidents caused by a drunk driver. Many of you may recognize those terrible stats were taken from my website www.telltully.net and my Facebook page at Bernard Tully Attorney at Law. However, the numbers do not begin to consider the human heartbreak of a loved one’s needless death.

We can help you get through the emotional toll of the legal process involved in these tragedies in a caring compassionate way. We sincerely want to help you.

You Be The Judge – Citizen’s Arrest

Can a Walmart shopper who tried to stop a robber from escaping and got hit by the getaway car sue Geico for bad faith over the denial of uninsured motorist benefits on the getaway car’s policy? Unfortunately the Court recently ruled she could not. Well it was worth a shot.

Client Referrals: I want to thank Harold W., Thelma R., Gail L.,  and Arla P. for recently referring us potential cases. We really appreciate that. Incredibly in today’s internet and social medial market, most of our new cases still come from referrals by loyal readers and clients like you.

It is very possible I forgot to acknowledge one of you for a referral you made to us. Please call us and let us know. We will put you in next month’s Newsletter.

What Type Of Law Do We Practice?

Personal injury law generally, but any type of case where someone is severely injured or killed due to the carelessness of another. We have a lot of experience doing slip & fall cases, passenger, pedestrian and motorcycle cases, children’s injury cases, bad faith insurance cases, death cases, concussion claims, traumatic brain injury claims and dram shop (bar/tavern) cases. 33 years buys a lot of experience I guess.

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