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The kid is back! After working successfully at an established defense firm in Pittsburgh, Michael J. Tully, Esquire has been hired as an attorney at the Tully Law Firm. Welcome aboard Michael! Wait. Why does he keep looking at my office and my chair? Hmmm LOL

32 Years Experience Matters – Hurt In An Accident?

The chances are that we have handled a case similar to yours in the last 32 years. Give us a call to discuss what you are going through. Death cases, passenger cases, car collision cases, intersection accident cases, rear ender victims, tractor trailer accident victims, brain injury victims, etc. We likely have handled your type of case before and can at least advise you about what course is best for you.

Special Thanks to Bert W., Donna T., Woodrow W., Harry P., Tyler R. and Joe C. for their kind referrals of friends and loved ones to our firm for legal help. Thank you all so very much. And on the subject of referrals….

What Is In It For You?

Friends who are referred to us by a loyal client like you, seem to be treated with extra care in our handling of their case. Maybe it is because we know that the referral is coming from someone who trusts us enough to make the referral in the first place. Or maybe it is just human nature. I am not sure which, but I know it’s true.

Congratulations to Renee M. who won a $50.00 check for guessing last month’s question and having her name picked from our drawing.

Now For Your Chance To Win $50.00: Who was the Steeler quarterback during our first 4 Super Bowl victories?

What Is Involved In Taking Your Deposition

Your deposition may be THE most important part of your entire case. Why? Because if it is done correctly, it goes a long way in determining the $$ offer you receive from the insurance company. And even though you did not cause the accident, the law still allows the insurance company to take your deposition.

What exactly is a deposition? It is a question and answer session you provide at an attorney’s office. It is taken under oath to find out what you recall about the accident, what your injuries are and what was your medical treatment.

In my experience, depositions usually cover 4 specific areas:

1. Background: Where you work, where you live, do you have a criminal record, are you collecting any kind of assistance, have you ever treated with a doctor before this accident and have you ever filed a lawsuit before.

2. The Accident: All the particulars of it. In many of our cases the liability is clear, particularly if the person we sued rear ended you in an auto accident or if you were a passenger in the car. But they still want to know how the collision occurred, how much damage was done to your car and whether there are any witnesses to the collision.

3. Medical Treatment: The attorney will ask you about all the places you went for treatment. They may ask you which doctors you saw, who your family doctor is and who you last treated with.

4. Your Current Condition: What physical problems are you having now because of the collision?

After your deposition is done the defense attorney will send a report to the insurance company about how you would be as a witness at trial. That is why it is important that your deposition goes smoothly.

IMPORTANT: Your appearance really does matter at depositions. We suggest you dress like you are going for a job interview.

What is the best way to prepare for your deposition? By you reviewing your medical records and the police report.

The Good News is we will be with you during your deposition and we will get you thru it. We will not let you answer any inappropriate questions. Finally we also get a chance to depose the Defendant later on in the case.

Remember you can call me any time about the status of any $$ offers we get from the insurance company in your case!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Your Friend and Lawyer,

Bernard M. Tully

We Love You All!!