Take the $ or Go to Trial?

Take the $ or Go to Trial?

Today let’s talk about whether to take the $ or go to trial for your car accident case. Suppose you get an offer for your case. What should you do next?

  1. Should you accept the offer the insurance company makes or should you try the case? This is a very important question. My short answer for what you should do is — It depends. The circumstances around every car accident case are unique. Yours is no exception to that. Sometimes it is better to file suit and try the case. Other times it is better to accept the top offer.
  2. Sometimes deciding what option is better for you is easy. If the $ offer is much better than we think a jury will give you we will say – take the offer. But other times the offer is so low that “Rolling the dice” with a jury is the best option.Take the $ or Go to Trial?

Finally, in all cases know this: The jury starts at ground zero and won’t know what the settlement amount offer truly was. Can you do better in front of a jury than your proposed settlement offer?

A Final Factor in This Evaluation, Are the Costs Involved in a Jury Trial.

The cost for a doctors’ deposition can be upwards of 3k, 4k, or 5k for their testimony based on your health records.

Our evaluation of what are the best steps moving forward is done on a case by case basis. We won’t try to sell you on our position but we will tell you honestly what we feel about the $ offer. Contact us today.

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