Does Home Therapy Increase the Value of My Case?

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Does Home Therapy Increase the Value of My Case?

Last week, I received a question from a client who was injured in an auto accident. She went to the hospital then attended physical therapy for a period of time. With her busy schedule, it was hard to continuously make time to attend physical therapy. So she began doing home physical therapy exercises. Her question to me was, will the home physical therapy exercises help with the value of the case?

I always try to be honest with clients. In my experience, any physical therapy you do at home will not increase the $ value that the insurance company gives you.

Why? Because the insurance companies are almost like a computer system. They input documents and produce a number they can give you. Doing therapy at home isn’t documented meaning you will not receive credit for it. I wish I could tell you that they take people at their word but they just don’t. The way to get your case in the proper settlement posture is to do physical therapy outside of your home with a professional where it will be documented. Hopefully, that is a sample of the value that I can give to you if you call our office.

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