3 Crucial Things to Know About a PennDOT Case

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Today’s blog is about 3 things you must know if you’re dealing with PennDOT. Did you know that PennDOT is in charge of your driver’s license? Everything related to the auto accidents flows from this fact. So if you don’t have a valid license, legally you’re not allowed to drive in Pa. So what are the 3 things to know about PennDOT?

1st, you have to understand that PennDOT is a huge bureaucracy and has thousands of employees to answer the phone and give you advice. Each employee is not bound by the advice they give. So if you call back and say “well wait a minute, he told me that I’m supposed to do this and I did that and you still won’t give me my license.” They may say, “Sorry Charlie, we’re not bound by anything we say on the phone” if you can believe that.

2nd, you have to cover yourself when dealing with PennDOT. If you send in your driver’s license, do not just send in the license and think that they will get it and properly document it. they won’t. What we advise you to do is to send it, certified mail, so that they will have to sign the green card that says they have your driver’s license so NOW the clock can run.

The 3rd thing about a PennDOT case, YOU MUST JUST accept is that even when you give them all of the documents that were mentioned above, they still will not just give you your license. They say, “Well, yeah all your documents are in order but we would rather have the judge decide it rather then us just do it on our own.” So, you bang your head against the wall and wonder, how can they do that? You can get frustrated by it or you can learn from these three specific ideas to keep in mind when you are dealing with PennDOT. We are here to help you get your way back on the road again if you happen to be involved in an accident.

Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help you!

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