August/ September 2019

The Steelers Magnets Are Here!

I have enclosed our Free Steeler, Penn State, Pitt and Sunday and Monday Night Football schedules with this Newsletter. Please consider it our small way of saying thank you for your continued loyalty and generous referrals of injury cases! You readers are the best.

What Is New At The Tully Law Firm?

I don’t know if you have had the chance to see it, but Michael Tully, Esquire did his first YouTube video. It concerns what to do if you are involved in an auto collision. You can check it out on my YouTube page. He is much better at these videos than I am and much better looking!

How Can We Create Values For You? What would you like to see in our future Newsletters?

What interests you and what would you want us to discuss? If you call our office I will consider any idea you have. Who knows, it may be the basis for a future article. Thanks  in advance for any suggestions you have.

Congratulations To Arla P. who won $50.00 in last month’s drawing.

Now For Your Chance to Win This Month: Who was the Pittsburgh Steeler’s coach who led them to 4 Super Bowl championships? This is easy.

Pittsburgh Pirates Update

When I drafted this Newsletter, the Pirates were surging just before the All Star break. They have had an incredibly bad string of injuries this year. Way more than usual for any team. Despite that, they keep battling back. Do you think they have chance of making the playoffs? Have you been to any Pirates games this year? Is anyone still reluctant to go over to the stadium because the owner is so notoriously cheap? Go Bucs!

Pittsburgh Penguins

Well it won’t be long before the Penguins exhibition season begins. It seems like the hockey season just ended! But there have been some decent moves by our General Manager during the off season. Sure hope it helps! Go Pens!

Pittsburgh Steelers

We are all ready for another Steelers season. This one is going to be interesting. I am not sure how the team will react to the changes that came about but you can be sure the city is behind them in their efforts for a 7th Super Bowl. Go Steelers!

A lot of readers like this new section we added to our Newsletter called: What are Common Questions we get from our injury clients?

Question: I was rearended by another driver. Why does MY insurance company have to pay for my medical bills?

Answer: It is because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. This means your bills are submitted to your insurance company for payment regardless of who caused the accident. But remember this will not raise your insurance rates. Nor can they cancel your insurance because they are paying your medical bills.

Question: Why does it take so long to settle my case? (Continued from last month)

Answer: If you have prior injuries to the part of your body involved in the present case, the insurance company will say they need to find out about your prior claim and all of the treatment before they make an offer. Then they will try to discount the offer because of your prior incident. That is something we will fight them on, of course. But that is why it takes longer to settle your case these days.

And if a lawsuit is filed because the insurance company is too cheap to make a reasonable offer, there is a common method for getting your case to trial. But it takes time. Here is why. We have to initially file the complaint. Then the other side has 30 days to file their answer. That starts the second phase of the case which is called discovery where written interrogatories are sent to both sides and a request for production of documents is also exchanged. Then multiple depositions have to be completed. All this must be done before the case even comes up for a jury trial.

Unfortunately, these are some of the reasons for the long delays and I apologize for that. But that is the legal environment the insurance adjusters have created for you today.

Learning The Law With The Tully Team

This month’s column discusses the legal term Joint Tort Release. What is it and why is it important in your injury case under certain circumstances? Here is what it is in a nutshell. Suppose you are seriously injured in a car accident and there are 2 potential parties at fault. Say you were rearended and then pushed forward into an oncoming truck that was speeding and destroyed your vehicle. If the car that rearended you only had a $15,000 (state minimum) policy you could collect that but what about the trucking company that has a $1 million policy? How could you collect the $15,000 from the car that rearended you now while still keeping your right to go after the trucking company? You would do it by a Joint Tort Release. There are 2 types of Joint Tort Releases. Namely, a Pro Tonto and a Pro Rata Release. Basically what the Joint Tort Releases do is allow you to accept the $15,000 policy limits from the wrongdoer who rearended you while preserving your right to go after the trucking company later on when you file your lawsuit. It is a way to get you money from the smaller policy right away. I hope this helps to explain these types of releases.

Okay, forget all that. What do you think of our new slogan “The Tully Team”? Lol

Joke Section: What do you call a rooster staring at a pile of lettuce? A chicken sees-a-salad!

Why did the nurse need a red pen at work? In case she needed to draw blood!

Learn New Words: “Gourmand” – What does it mean? A gourmand is one who loves eating and drinking to an excessive degree. For example, “I know I spend too much time at restaurants.” I am afraid I am becoming a gourmand.

Your friend and lawyer,

Bernard M. Tully