Injured Pedestrian? 3 Ways Insurance Company Screws You

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Want to know 3 ways insurance companies screw you out of money for your pedestrian car accident? There is no rhyme or reason to the order of these 3. They are just things we have learned insurance adjusters do to cheat you out of getting $ for your pedestrian injury case.

3 Ways Insurance Company Screws You

The 1st thing they do is say you were not paying attention. That is the real reason why you were hit by the car. They make you a double victim by saying that you are the one at fault for this. You say to yourself, “This is crazy!”. And it is. But that is what insurance companies do because they want to lessen the value of your case.

2nd, they say that you were not in the crosswalk. Now if you were in the crosswalk, you are in a real good situation because the law says cars have to yield to you.

But even if you were not in the crosswalk, that is not the end of your case. Maybe there wasn’t a crosswalk in that area when the car came roaring down the street and hit you causing your back injury.

You are still entitled to $ for that but the insurance company won’t tell you that. That is why you need an advocate in these kinds of situations.

3rd, the insurance company will say that you weren’t really hurt at all. Even though you have all the records showing that you were hurt. But you didn’t go by ambulance. The ambulance was at the scene and you didn’t go.

However maybe 3 hours later your spouse took you to the emergency room because of the pain. You were hurt. But no ambulance ride? The insurance companies takes that as you weren’t hurt at all.

This is what insurance companies do to try to take advantage of you. They are not on your side. They have the money and they want to keep the money. Our job is to be an advocate for you to try to level the playing field by letting them know we are not going to just roll over. We are going to fight for you.

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