What 2 Things Decide If Your Car Is Totaled in Your Back Injury Case?

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Today’s blog is on a common question client’s ask us.

What determines whether my car is totaled or not in my auto accident? In other words, we get a client that says, “Bernie, I was in a bad accident where my car was smashed. I know you represent me on my pain and suffering from my back injury but what about my car? How do I find out what the insurance company is willing to offer me?”

There are 2 factors that the insurance company looks at to determine whether your car is totaled or not.

The 1st factor is the age of your car. If your car is 8 or 9 years old, and received a lot of damage from the accident, the likelihood is that the insurance company is going to just total your car. Why? It is not because they are nice people. It is because the Bluebook value of a car that is 10 years old is probably less than what it would cost to repair it.

The 2nd factor is if the airbags went off or not. That is a big factor. I have found that if the airbags went off in a car collision in which you are injured, and your car is over 7 years old, they are going to total your car.

This is because it is cheaper for the insurance company. And NOT because they want to help you!

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