Does Your Attorney’s Reputation Matter Concerning The $ Value of Your Injury Case?

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Today’s blog is on another common question client’s ask us.

Does your attorney’s reputation matter? Does it increase or decrease the $ amount that you will be offered for your case? In over 40 years of doing this I must tell you, it absolutely does matter. It matters A LOT.

Why? Well because the legal community of people who do injury cases, is small. It is probably 1,000 attorneys or less in the Pittsburgh area. The lawyers that do injury cases, have memories like elephants.

If you have an attorney in the community that has a bad reputation and is not reliable or honest, the value of your case, despite your injuries, will be lessened. This is because the attorney making the recommendation to the insurance adjuster will be lower because they don’t like your attorney. And the opposite is also true.

What about Bernard M. Tully? I encourage you to ask around or look at our reviews on Google or Avvo. We hope you see that we have an excellent reputation in over 40 years of doing cases like this. And other lawyers know it.

Doesn’t it make sense to go with an attorney who is liked in the legal field?

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