Can I Sue My Spouse’s Lover For $ Under Pa. Law?

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Today’s blog is on another common question client’s ask us.

“If my spouse is cheating on me, can I sue his or her lover?” In other words, your wife or husband is having an extramarital affair and you find out who it is with. Can you sue the person that he or she is having the affair with for something called Alienation of Affection?

Something similar to this issue was just in the news in North Carolina. In NC, they do have a statute called alienation of affection allowing you to sue the lover. However, unfortunately, you do not have that right in PA. The good news is if you proceed to the next level, moving forward with a divorce against your spouse, it can be a very important factor concerning who gets custody of the children. The courts don’t want the children to be in that kind of a situation.

Thus, in PA, you do not have the right to go after that person for any money.

But even if you got a $5 million-dollar reward against the lover, the majority of the time they do not have the money or any form of insurance that would pay for it. Insurance companies do not insure that kind of extramarital affair activity lol.

My free advice is if you get married, stay married.

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