Can a “Day in the Life” Video Increase Your Case Value?

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Today, we are going to share a specific way to increase your personal injury case value. This goes for auto accident, slip-and-fall, trucking accidents, wrongful death, or any injury case. What we find in certain cases is there is real valve in creating a “Day in the Life” video.

What we do is have an investigator come to your house and record your everyday activities around your house for a short period of time. It only takes about a half an hour to go out there and shoot the video. What we find is when we add this to the demand package with all the medicals records and everything involved in the case, it greatly increases the value of your case.

Have you ever heard a picture is worth a thousand words? Well recording a video is worth about ten thousand words! When you see that video and get a better understanding of what that person is going through, you the insurance company, are going to be trying to settle this case. Why? Because they are seeing what you are going through. It is more personal.

This is an excellent idea that can potentially work for your case. We want to help you in any way we can. So give us a call about the “Day in the Life” video. We can see if this would work for you!

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