If My Private Healthcare Insurance Pays My Car Accident Bills, Do I Have To Repay Them?

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Do you have to reimburse a private healthcare insurance company from any auto accident settlement you get? This question also pertains to a case where you’ve been seriously injured in a slip and fall case.

For example, suppose you fell at a store, had surgery, and incurred a lot of bills. Those bills added up to $50,000 and you submitted them to your private healthcare provider. The question is do you have to reimburse the private health care provider for the bills they paid if you get a $ settlement.

In some cases, unfortunately, yes. It’s written into your private healthcare insurance contract even though you pay a premium every month. They’re still entitled to get reimbursed for the bills that they paid out.

If you get a settlement with a third party of $150,000 and your medical bills are $30,000, you may be obligated to reimburse them for that amount of money. The good news is you get credit for your percentage of attorney’s fees. So if you did it for one-third, about a third of the $30,000 would be forgiven because the attorney would be the one who got the offer in the first place. Who said all lawyers are bad for you? lol

I wish I could tell you that money is all yours, but unfortunately, I cannot. The way the laws have evolved over the last 25 to 30 years, they’ve taken away more of your right to get the whole amount of your settlement in accident cases.

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