What is an Underinsured Motorist Case?

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This is a type of case is typically in which you are hit by somebody who has insurance, but their policy limit isn’t enough to make you whole. This could be, for example, because you have a serious injury from the accident which causes you to need back or neck surgery. What if the auto insurance is not enough?

What can you do? Are you stuck? Do you just have to take the policy they have? The wrongdoer could have as low as a $15,000 policy. No, you’re not stuck! You can pursue what it’s called an “under insurance claim” through your auto policy. It does not affect or raise your rates at all because that’s what you pay a premium for. Depending on the amount of coverage you have, you can then make a claim on top of the policy amounts we would get from the tortfeasor. A tortfeasor is a person who caused the accident in this underinsured claim.

There are some pitfalls and dangers to an underinsured motorist case. We do not suggest you try to do this yourself in this particular area to law. If you don’t follow a certain procedure in terms of getting a subrogation waiver from your insurance company, you can forfeit or void any right you have to pursue this underinsured motorist claim.

Even if you don’t go with Pittsburgh underinsurance lawyer Bernard Tully, we can talk you through it and tell you what you must watch out for. We’re here to help you and we’ve been doing this for about 30 years. We’ll do a good job for you if you allow us to represent you. I can tell that you for sure.

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