How Are Nursing Homes Avoiding Responsibility For Coronavirus Deaths?

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Lately we have been learning a lot about how some nursing homes are avoiding responsibility from coronavirus deaths that start in their facility. We currently have several nursing home coronavirus death cases and our digging into the matter initially has uncovered some very disconcerting information.

What some nursing homes are doing if a person is sick from the coronavirus is sending that patient to a hospital to get other care. However, if that poor patient doesn’t recover and dies in the hospital, some nursing homes are stating the person didn’t die from coronavirus in their facility. So even though they left the nursing home with coronavirus and they entered the hospital with coronavirus where they eventually passed away, these nursing homes are avoiding responsibility from the coronavirus deaths being placed on them.

Nursing homes and coronavirus deaths. There is a direct link between the two. The point that I hope you take away from this is if you happen to have a loved one who passes away in a nursing home due to a coronavirus death, you want to get an attorney involved ASAP.

Whoever you choose, you want to get someone who’s going to get involved in the case and is willing to do the digging that’s required in order to find out the real facts. The reality is this is a very fluid situation and things happen rather quickly in this environment and evidence can be lost. That’s my advice I hope it helps a little bit and everybody is staying safe. We will get through this together as a nation.

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