Caution: 1 Thing A Family Member Can Do To Destroy A Wrongful Death Claim

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If a loved one in your family has been tragically killed due to the fault of someone else, typically in a trucking accident, wrongful death, or an auto accident, what is the 1 thing that a family member can do that will destroy any chance of getting a monetary financial recovery. It seems like if you’re on the internet you hear about lawyers telling you 10 things you should do, but today I want to go another way because it is just as important.

Pittsburgh Wrongful Death Attorney Bernard Tully wants you to know that if you post on social media that the tragedy that happened to your family member was caused by another driver intentionally running him or her off the road, it is 100 percent going to trigger the insurance company to deny the estate’s claim.

Why is that? Intentional acts are not covered under insurance policies in Pennsylvania. Every policy that’s written in Pennsylvania that provides coverage for accidents is for careless acts or negligence. So if you post on the internet the person deliberately ran a loved one off the road, you essentially have torpedoed the chance to get a recovery if the insurance company picks up on it. We’ve had situations where the trucking company had 25 million dollars in auto coverage for insurance. Even if the other side acknowledges it was their fault, if it is determined that the act occurred intentionally as opposed to carelessly, they will 100 percent deny the claim and any chance of getting the financial recovery.

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