How We Can Help You with Your Workers Comp Settlement

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We are often asked “If I am injured at work, can I collect something more than what’s available through workers’ compensation from my employer?” The specific answer to that question is NO, YOU CAN NOT. Workers’ comp is limited to two things: the recovery of a portion (66%) of the wages you were receiving at the time of your injury and the payment of your medical bills. Unfortunately, that is all that you can receive for your workplace injury under the law. You cannot sue for pain and suffering like you can in a car accident case. That is the biggest difference between a workplace injury and a car accident injury.  You are NOT able to recover for the pain and suffering you endured as a result of your work-related injury! That is what you give up in a workers comp settlement.

There is one significant advantage regarding a worker’s comp claim as compared to car accident cases. That advantage is that you do not have to prove who is at fault, or that your employer’s negligence caused your injury.  In fact, you do not have to prove negligence at all, as you do in a car accident injury case. In a workers’ comp case, the fact you were hurt while you were on the job will be enough to qualify you to file a worker’s compensation claim. Can you see the advantages to both workers comp settlement and car accidents?

We handle all types of injury cases covering a wide range of issues, including car accidents and worker’s comp injury claims. To summarize what is available to you in a worker’s compensation case, your right to recovery is limited to your wages and payment of medical bills. We hope this blog helps you understand the main differences between the two.

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