Is My Car Totaled? Here Are 2 Ways to Determine This!

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After a car accident, we are often asked by our clients “Is my car totaled?” But what determines whether the client’s vehicle is totaled or not after their auto accident? How do you find out what the insurance company is willing to offer you if your car it deemed to be a total loss?  We primarily represent you for your accident-related injuries, and our job is to get the most money possible for your pain and suffering, but getting your vehicle repaired or determining whether your vehicle is totaled is also a practical consideration.

There are 2 factors that the insurance company looks at to determine whether your car is totaled or not.

Age of Your Car

The 1st factor the insurance company considers is the age of your car.  If your car is 8 or 9 years old and received a lot of damage from the accident, the likelihood is that the insurance company is going to just total your car. Why? It is because the Bluebook value of the car is probably less than what it would cost to repair it.

Airbags Went Off

The 2nd factor is whether the airbags went off or not. This is a big factor. When the airbags go off in a car collision (in which you are injured), and your car is over 7 years old, they are almost certainly going to total your car. This is because it is cheaper for the insurance company. This is NOT because they want to help you, but instead the insurance company’s decision is the result a cost-based analysis to determine what will save THEM the most money, NOT YOU.

Is My Car Totaled?

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