What You NEED To Do If You Are Hit By an Uninsured Driver

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If you are hit by an uninsured driver, you need to file an uninsured (UM) insurance claim now.  If you delay, there may be a situation where your vehicle could be totaled, and only afterwards you find out the wrongdoer isn’t carrying any insurance.  Pretty unfair to you right?

There could be 3 reasons for the wrongdoer to not have insurance. 1: maybe they just never bothered to get insurance. 2: they might be driving the car without permission from the owner. 3: their insurance might have lapsed. Whatever the reason is, this makes them an uninsured driver and there’s no way you’re going to collect money off that person, because if they don’t have insurance, they likely don’t have any assets or money.

However, there is good news!  If you have uninsured motorist coverage on your auto policy, you can make a claim through your own insurance company under something called uninsured benefits.  You pay a higher premium on your policy for uninsured motorist protection for situations just like this.  However, you must get verification that the person who struck you didn’t have insurance to make such a claim.  Our firm can handle getting the verification for you!

The good news for you is that filing an uninsured motorist claim does not raise your rates by a penny! Your insurance company is not allowed to do so when you make a claim. That’s why you buy uninsured coverage.

The Tully Law Firm handles these kinds of cases regularly. Give us a call and we’ll talk to you about your uninsured motorist case. We will get you all the forms that are necessary to make an uninsured claim and get your money. It is covered in the book written by attorney Tully on car cases.

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