Will COVID-19 Delay My Insurance Settlement?

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I have an exciting bit of information to tell you about with coronavirus on everyone’s mind. A few of our clients have been calling us asking, “What’s the effect of the coronavirus on the insurance companies and my case? Will this delay my insurance settlement?” The people who are seriously hurt in an auto accident want to know if anything is being done on their case from the other side. They are wondering what the process is when we provide information to the insurance companies in terms of the hospital records during Covid-19 times.

Previously, the Governor of Pennsylvania has issued a shutdown order telling people to work from home. While this mandate has been lifted, some workplaces have adopted a full work-from-home and hybrid options. Even before Covid-19, most of the insurance companies like Erie, Allstate, State Farm, Farmers, etc. were already working from home.

This means the records that we provide them are sent to a central location, scanned into a downloadable form, and then sent to the individual adjuster to review. I’ve been on the phone talking to adjusters and they have been decent about getting back to us promptly vs delaying an insurance settlement that comes up. They’re able to inform us where they are to try to move your case along. That’s the good news, so what’s the bad news?

The bad news is the hospitals have cut back dramatically on staff or are feverishly trying to hire new people. There are fewer people who can copy the records and get them to us or the insurance company. This causes a hold-up and it is hard to get the new records involving your follow-up or physical therapy appointment. This can be a challenge, but we’re working through it. Thankfully we have most of the records for our clients already and have sent them over to the insurance companies for evaluation.

We’re always trying to move the case along for you. I hope this helps a little bit to know the insurance adjusters are still actively looking at files and potentially yours. We’re calling them from our house and communicating directly with them. I hope everyone’s safe out there. We are going to get through COVID-19 together. Allegheny County Attorney Bernard Tully is sure of it!

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