Limited vs Full Tort: Which One is More Crucial to Have?

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Something you might want to consider doing is reviewing your auto policy. I just had a situation happen last week where a client called us asking for help because they were in a rear-end auto accident and they had to go to the emergency room. The first thing we asked them, as we do for any auto accident inquiry, is if they have limited or full tort.

Limited vs Full Tort

Limited Tort

This restricts your right to sue even if it was the other person who caused the accident. There are some exceptions such as if the person was driving drunk or if the vehicle that rear-ended you had an out-of-state license plate. However, if you picked limited tort, you pay a little bit less in terms of your premium but you do not have the right to sue whenever you’re involved in an accident for pain and suffering.

This is what happened to the client I mentioned above. They said, and thought, they had full coverage. Sometimes insurance adjusters say a person has full coverage, but they don’t. Lo and behold, our client was in one of those situations where they had selected limited tort. As much as I wanted to help this client, it was going to be an uphill battle. With limited tort in Pennsylvania, you have to show you have a serious injury and that’s not always easy to do.

Full Tort

The one crucial thing you need to have in your auto policy if you’re injured is to make sure you have full tort. Bernie Tully Esquire recommends checking your auto policy, if not today, as soon as possible. The reason why it’s so important in an auto accident case is that they look at the date of the accident and compare it to the date your tort was set. So now that you know the difference between limited vs full tort, you need to be cautious about insurance adjusters because they may only want your money, not always what’s best for you.

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