The Most Common Slip and Fall Accidents

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The most common slip and fall accidents happen due to a failure of a business owner to ensure that the premises are safe. Examples include wet or oily surfaces, uneven floors, bunched-up floor mats, holes, and even stairs that are not uniform.

Business owners have a duty to ensure that the premises remain free from such hazards. The owner, however, must have known or should have known that the hazards existed in order to be held liable.

Serious slip and fall accidents result in over eight million emergency room visits per year, making such accidents the number one cause of emergency room visits (21.3%). In the workplace alone, compensation and medical costs associated with employee slip and fall accidents total approximately $70 billion annually!

While a slip and fall accident unexpectedly occurs in a mere instant, the medical complications from the injuries you sustained can be life-altering. They can even be fatal, resulting in 15% of all accidental deaths.

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