How Minor Accident Cases Differ from Adult Cases

Minor Accident Cases

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When someone is hurt in an auto accident, what is the difference between an adult and a minor accident case? Just to clarify, a minor is anyone who is under 18 years old. I will tell you why and how, in my opinion, it’s a little bit different handling this type of case.

2 Differences in Minor Accident Cases

The 1st reason why minor accident cases are different is because if a child is hurt in an auto accident and you reach a settlement, you have to get court approval to make it official. If you’re an adult and you settle your case, there is no requirement for getting court approval.

The 2nd reason why a minor’s case is different is that they are probably in a better position, legally speaking, than an adult to get their claim settled. This is because usually there is no way the child is responsible for an accident, as they are often a passenger in the vehicle involved in the collision. If the minor is the passenger, then there is no way that they’re going to be the cause for the accident.

It’s a judgment call for the best way to approach minor accident cases, especially when your child is involved in the accident. It’s an emotional issue because everyone knows the love that a parent has for their child. We regularly handle a wide variety of child accident cases, including auto accidents, getting hurt at school in a gymnasium, to getting injured walking on the street. We are here to help you so give us a call! It is worth finding out whether you feel that we are the right firm for your child to represent him or her in their injury case. You’ll know we care as soon as you phone our office, and we’ll handle your child’s personal injury case with care.

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