What You Should REALLY be Asking the Insurance Adjuster

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I wanted to go over some questions on what you should really be asking the insurance adjuster about your personal injury case. To set the background, suppose you are involved in an auto accident case that is the other person’s fault and you want to settle the case. Here are six questions you can ask that will help settled your case.

Policy Limits

If you are going to try and do this yourself, the first thing to ask is, what are your policy limits? How much do you have here to deal with? You might have massive injuries and the wrongdoer only has a $15,000 policy. Try to find that answer first.

Umbrella or Excessive Policy

Do you have any umbrella or excessive policy above and beyond your basic policy? Sometimes, they are up to $1 million, but if you don’t ask an insurance adjuster, you are never going to know.

Did I Cause the Accident?

Do you accept responsibility for the accident, did you cause the accident? Sometimes they will say, “Well, even though it was a pedestrian accident and you were in the crosswalk we still think you should have been paying attention.” Try to find out if they accept responsibility for the claim.

Police Report

Do you have a copy of the police report? If you don’t have it, ask them to give you the copy. Why should you have to chase it down?

What Can I Do?

Ask what do you need from me to get the policy limits? They may say, “Well, we need your records.” Okay fine, I will sign the authorizations if that is going to get me to the policy limits. See the idea here?

Insurance Injury Adjuster

Will you be the adjuster that is going to handle the case all the way through? Or is your case going to be shifted off whenever you get past a certain level of an offer? The difference is, the guy that you are dealing with might be a low-level individual whose authority is only $15,000. If you have massive injuries, why are you talking to him instead of the person who has the ultimate authority?

We have several more questions to ask the insurance injury adjuster but a lot of them are common sense or one that you would pick up on quickly if you have been doing this a long time. This is the list that we have accumulated over the years and we are happy to send it to you for free with no obligations.

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