Pittsburgh Motorcycle Accident Tips

Pittsburgh Motorcycle Accidents Tips

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If you ride a motorcycle, you are aware that motorcycle injuries can be catastrophic. You also know that cars often do not see you on the roadway. For example, if you happen to get into the blind spot of a car or truck on the highway while they are changing lanes, you can be severely injured by their carelessness.

Are you a motorcycle bike rider who was injured in an auto or truck accident? If you are, some of the information below may help you understand your legal rights. Here are five Pittsburgh motorcycle accident tips on how to respond when you are involved in a motorcycle accident:

Call for Help

Check on everyone and call 911 right away. In motorcycle collisions with cars, SUVs, or trucks, those occupants are typically in better condition than the cyclists. Pennsylvania permits riders 21 years or older to ride without a helmet if they have completed a motorcycle safety course or have at least two years of motorcycle riding experience. Those riders may have serious head injuries resulting from the accident, so calling for medical help immediately is crucial.

Document the Scene

Remain at the scene and take as many pictures, videos, and audio clips as possible. If there are obscured or missing traffic signs, malfunctioning signals, or other problems, note them.

Collect Contact Information

Another one of our Pittsburgh motorcycle accident tips is to exchange contact and insurance information with the other drivers involved and identify and talk to witnesses.

Connect with the Police

Ask the police to make an on-the-scene report and find out how to get a copy for your records.

Consult an Attorney

All the information you gather is important when you meet with a personal injury or automobile accident attorney. Details that may seem minor are valuable as your attorney investigates the cause of the crash.

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