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Pittsburgh slip and fall surgery cases are a type of case where insurance companies will fight you every step of the way. The reason they fight you is that they have a built-in defense, “Why weren’t you paying attention?” They do not care about any of the circumstances surrounding it whether there is a defect in the sidewalk or whether there is a hole in the road. It does not matter to them. They think they can get a quick out of any potential lawsuit by saying it is not their fault and it does not matter that we didn’t keep up maintenance.

Pittsburgh Slip and Fall Surgery Claim

This is what we must face when we are dealing with these types of cases. We have a recent case that is an interesting slip-and-fall issue. An out of state retail developer bought a rundown home to renovate to flip and sell. They needed extra help, so they hired another person. The first thing the owner of the house did was rip all the old materials out of the house. This included a handrail on the stairwell that led to an open-sided stairwell with a drop of twelve feet.

One day a worker was walking down the stairs after the railing was missing, they tripped, and fell because they had nothing to grab on to. So, our client required surgery because of it.

The insurance company and the owner of the house are denying any responsibility despite removing the handrail that is supposed to prevent a person from falling. This is a perfect example of what is so clearly the other party’s fault, but they do not accept blame. All that matters is that it is a slip-and-fall and they do not want to pay any money.

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