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The safety of passengers is still one of the big selling points in automobile marketing today and airbags are one of the most important passenger safety features developed in the past several decades. Unfortunately, defective airbags can cause injury. While airbags do save lives, defective airbags cause injuries and even deaths occur more frequently than you would expect. Airbag deployment injuries can result from faulty design or defects that end in airbags deploying too early, too late, or not at all. Injuries can also occur if the device deploys in a low-speed crash that would have caused no injuries, except for the airbags themselves. Here is what to do when you are involved in a defective airbag injury.

When You’ve Been Involved in a Defective Airbag Injury

Medical attention is at the top of the list. Be sure that you or a loved one involved in an accident seek immediate medical help. Next, try to secure the vehicle and preserve it for inspection by an expert in airbag mechanics and deployment. Consult Bernard M. Tully as soon as you can after the accident. Mr. Tully has significant resources to fight these cases and can help you with vehicle preservation.

Airbag Defects as a Cause of Accidents and Injuries

Given how complicated airbags are, and how many vehicles on the road have them (177 million in 2016), it is inevitable that some airbags will have defects that cause injuries in the event of an accident. If an airbag does not deploy when it is supposed to, that can cause more damage than airbags that do deploy in an accident.

Several studies have shown that more people are injured or killed from defects causing the airbag not to deploy than from faulty deployment. A detailed study in 2017 reported that over five times as many people in six years suffered injuries or death by the airbag’s failure to deploy as by faulty deployment. The defect that causes the failure to deploy can result from many issues, including faulty parts, faulty installation, and faulty design. In addition, airbags are not a complete panacea; even when they deploy as they are supposed to, airbags still injure and kill thousands of people.

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