Cheap Pittsburgh Insurance Companies: What You Need To Know

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Do different insurance companies treat similar cases the exact same? The short answer to this question is absolutely not. Let’s imagine two different people who choose two different insurance companies and are involved in an auto accident injury case. If they both need neck surgery and must take off work for six months, they both do not get treated the same. Every insurance company puts different values on what they went through for their injuries. There are two types of insurance companies.

Cheap Insurance Companies

The 1st type of insurance companies are extremely cheap and I can give you their names if you call our office. When they evaluate a claim, they’ll undervalue what it is worth by about twenty-five or thirty percent. After these cheap Pittsburgh insurance companies under-evaluate what they think is a fair value, they want to negotiate so they can settle your case at less than a fair number.

Realistic Approach Insurance Companies

The other type of insurance companies will take a realistic approach on injury cases because they want to get these cases settled. This is because of their volume of cases, and they honestly want to make a fair evaluation of your injuries. If you’re interested in how these companies evaluate their offer for an injury case, our blog What Do Insurance Companies Use To Evaluate Their $ Offer To You? is a perfect read!

One of the values of having an attorney with experience is just that, experience! We can tell you almost instantaneously which companies are going to treat you fairly and which ones are going to treat you horribly. With over 40 years of experience, Bernard Tully personal injury lawyer is here to help you. If you give us a call, we will tell you which insurance companies fair and which ones are aren’t fair at all.

Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help any injured person or child with their case. Questions about the blog? CALL US!

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