Can You Trust TV Insurance Companies?


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How many of you have seen annoying insurance commercials on TV? Those moments when you simply want to throw something at the TV? No? Well, I have! When I watch these insurance commercials coming across as being on your side, I get so frustrated. It’s upsetting to me as a personal injury lawyer because I know how they treat their clients. In actual car wreck cases, it is not pretty. But can you trust TV insurance commercials?

Each day as a personal injury lawyer, Bernard Tully sees the difference between how they are on their TV insurance commercials versus his experience in real life. The insurance companies will tell you, “You’re in good hands,” or something along the lines of, “We’re here to help you and you can trust us.” HA!

That’s why, in our opinion, you need someone who can level the playing field. You need someone who can fight against insurance companies that appear to be so kind in their insurance commercials. It’s painful to know their practice is to give you the least amount of $ they can.

Can You Trust TV Insurance Commercials?

We treat our clients as friends and we will fight the insurance company for you. How can you know? Call us and try out our 30 Second Rule. Spend 30 seconds on the phone with anyone in the office and you’ll be able to tell the difference between us and the insurance companies. Do not trust the insurance commercials you see on TV. Let us help you by being the equalizer when you’re dealing with these insurance companies in real life.

Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help any injured person or child with their case. Questions about the blog? CALL US!

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