September 1 2023

September 1, 2023


Boy a lot has happened since we last updated this page. Can we share these things with you from my personal and legal life?

1st, my daughter, attorney Jessica Tully was married to her attorney soulmate Kevin at State College back on August 13, 2023. It was a fantastic wedding and reception. We were blessed with beautiful weather and so many loving people came from all over the country to share the special day. God is love and was certainly there with us. Jessica and Kevin met and graduated from Penn State University together. They currently live in a townhouse near us in Wexford, PA.

2nd, we merged the Law Firm of Bernard M. Tully, LLC with my son Michael J. Tully, Esq in the law firm Tully &Tully. Michael has been practicing law now for almost 6 years after graduating from Duguesne Law School. He worked for over a year at a prominent PA defense firm. Thus, Michael knows both sides of auto accident law. Michael is the best person I have ever heard talk with clients, other attorneys and adjusters on the phone. There is just that calmness about him when he speaks, listens and gets the caller to feel welcome and comfortable. It was after listening to him on many conversations and the way he handles situations that I knew the Tully & Tully Law Firm was right for us.

3rd, we recently moved out of our old office at The Pittsburgher to the Grant Building in downtown Pittsburgh. It has been a nice upgrade in all ways. Our view from the 32nd floor is awesome. I can see the Veterans Bridge, Southside, Duquesne University, and Oakland from my office. Plus, the Grant Building has a fitness center that I use 5 days a week. On top of all that, the rent is $100 cheaper thạn our old place. Go figure.

4th, on a personal level, my other son Kevin (who is also an attorney at a major Pittsburgh law firm) and his wife Brandy have 2 children, Lyla Rose and Calvin Bernard (what an honor that is for me). Kevin and Brandy are loving parents to their children, and we get together often because they also live near us in Cranberry Township, PA.

5th, our oldest daughter Elizabeth Thompson is happily married to her husband Ryan in Des Moines, Iowa. Beth is a very busy full time mom running around to sporting events for her children Ben, Evan and Adalyn. Pretty amazing that Ben, who is just 14 year sold, is legally able to drive in Iowa! Imagine that.

6th, our youngest daughter, Katie Tully, is close to fulfilling her dream of becoming a Doctor of Psychology. She is now living in Florida and doing her last year of clinical work before she gets her Doctor of Psychology degree post college. It has been a long 7 year journey, but Katie did it. Yes, I should be her first patient. (lol)

7th, my wife Michelle loves the sun so we recently bought a condo in Bonita Springs, Florida. Michelle spent most of last January thru April there. I get down there when I can. Florida is so flat I walk 10 miles a day there. Michelle does all the social activities including bocce ball, pickle ball and cards. Her latest card game there is Mahjong. Have you ever played it?

8th, on a personal level I have gotten very close to Jesus as my personal savior. When I walk in Pittsburgh I often wear my hat with a cross on it. I believe Jesus died on the cross to forgive my sins. Your beliefs may be different and that is fine, but we are all brothers and sisters.

9th, we represent car accident victims (of all faiths) and have done so for over 40 years. It is our job to represent any car accident victim or families of a death fatality accident case zealously no matter what case.

10th, we now concentrate our law practice at the Tully & Tully Law Firm exclusively on serious car accidents, death cases and fatality claims. That is what 99% of our practice involves today. Helping victims of serious car accidents and the families of victims killed tragically in car accidents is what we do. Why call us with your death claim? One word – experience. We have done over 50 death cases over the years for families of victims tragically killed in highway fatalities and truck fatality cases. We know what is needed to handle an estate, including filling an estate tax return, and getting a petition for the approval of a wrongful death submitted to the judge in the proper way. We do all of these matters for the estates of families we represent. Experience matters! Consider thạt when deciding who you will call concerning a family members death due to a road or highway accident, including filing an estate tax return.

11th, lastly, the biggest quest on you may be thinking is can I trust the Tully & Tully Law Firm with my surgery car accident case? Our answer is just read the 100 plus 5-Star reviews for Bernard Tully, Esq. We genuinely care for our clients. Our caring shows the first time you call Mary, our long-time secretary with her calm tone of voice when she answers the phone. It is so pleasant and reassuring. You also see that in Michael J. Tully, Esq. and our ace paralegals Denise and Jenn and also our bookkeeper Angela. She has her eyes on the books to make sure there are no mistakes in your case.

The Tully & Tully Law Firm can be trusted because we care about you personally. Call us now for a FREE consult at 412-281-8700 or 800-518-0050.

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