November 2023

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THANKS TO ALL: We want to take this opportunity to truly thank each
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WHAT IS NEW AT THE TULLY LAW FIRM: We really try to take the extra
step for our clients with their cases. Want a concrete example? We
recently tried a new idea to help our clients: FOCUS GROUPS! We
contacted a dozen random people who we paid to work with us in a
Zoom conference video. They were paid for 2 hours of their time.
Then we sent them a summary of a current case we have scheduled for
trial for their review. Finally, we asked the group open ended
questions regarding the facts of the case, and asked them for their
opinions on various issues in the case.

The focus group was extremely helpful to us. For example, what if
a client does not go to the emergency room following the accident?
How would a jury view that? Usually the defense makes a big deal of
that by saying how could the victim be hurt if they didn’t even go
the E.R. following the accident? One of the focus group members
said in her experience, when you suffer a serious or traumatic
event, you only want to go to a safe place to deal with it – namely
your home. A hospital or E.R. is the opposite of a safe place. That
could explain why our client who was actually hurt did not go to
the E.R. until the following day.

Michael and I learned a lot just by being involved with an unbiased
random group of people talking about our case. Using paid FOCUS
GROUPS is cheap and honestly a part of our commitment to best
represent clients like you.

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: Doctor fails to order crucial tests resulting
in patient being paralyzed. The victim received a $17 million jury
verdict as a result of this medical negligence. Both the doctor and
the hospital can be liable if they fail to order crucial tests to
help a patient or to reveal a dangerous situation that can be
remedied by them. We can help you with any potential malpractice

TALCUM POWDER AND CANCER: If you used a baby powder product or baby
talcum powder and now have deadly cancer, contact us to see if we
can help you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARY our beloved secretary! Mary is a very
dedicated, detail oriented, kind and compassionate person. She
lives the kind of life we should all try to live. Happy Birthday,

HOLIDAY AIRLINE TRAVEL: United Airlines has begun a new process for
boarding passengers. Beginning in November, passengers who are in
a window seat will be boarded first. Then passengers in a middle
seat with be boarded second. Finally, those in an aisle seat will
be boarded last. United said it tested this process and it saves
boarding time by 2 minutes.

FYI: HYUNDAI AND KIA are offering free steering wheel locks to
owners of those vehicles due to the increased likelihood of car
theft. Call 1-800-633-5151 if you have a Hyundai or Kia and they
will send you a free steering wheel lock. Hope it helps.

FLIP A COIN: A study has found when you toss a coin at a sports
event like the Super Bowl, the coin is more likely to land on the
same side that it started on, rather than on the reverse side. So
if it’s heads before the coin toss it is slightly more likely to
land on heads than tails. With people now betting on which team
will win the Super Bowl coin toss, this is an interesting study.
Special thanks to my brother Jimmy for pointing this out to me.

DRUNK PEDESTRIAN: If you are an intoxicated pedestrian who is
struck by a car, does the other side have a right to present
testimony that you were drunk at the time of the impact? Yes. Even
if you are a pedestrian in a crosswalk, the defense can bring up
the effect of intoxication on the collision and whether the
pedestrian could have taken actions to avoid it.

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Ron F. On winning last month’s Newsletter
question. Way to go Ron!

THANKSGIVING THOUGHT: The language of heaven is 1)thanksgiving,
2)kindness, 3)forgiveness, 4)encouragement and 5)compassion. Call
412-281-8700 and tell Mary any of those 5 words of heaven and you
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Your friends and attorneys,

Bernard M. Tully and Michael J. Tully

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