MAY 2015

Special Thanks

I would like to personally thank the following people who, in the past month, graciously referred us either their own cases or referred our name to others: Richard Salters, BobbyReed, Maryeline Smith, Theresa Poindexter, Michelle Laney, Loretta Cunningham, Earl Wack and Gary Sites. I cannot thank you all enough for this.
How Can Our Economist Help Your Lawsuit?

If you are injured in an auto accident or other personal injury case, and you miss work, you are entitled to money for the time you are off work. Because of the injuries, your work economic horizon may be shortened or curtailed completely. If you have a 20 year work life span and because of the accident, you are only able to work 10 of those 20 years, you are entitled to get $ for your loss of economic horizon income. Please call us about this.
DUI Law – Pass The Ketchup

A defendant is accused of snatching his DUI test results and attempting to eat them to destroy the evidence. When troopers printed out the results of the man’s breathalyzer test, which showed a blood alcohol level over the legal limit, he tried to eat the paper print-out!
NCAA Proposes Settlement For Lawsuits Over Concussions & Head Injuries

The settlement even includes injured sports participants in golf, softball and track & field. The settlement also includes a $70 million medical monitoring fund for athletes, a $5 million fund for legal research and stricter return-to-play guidelines for athletes who sustain head injuries.

Arizona Settles Pothole Injury Lawsuit For $225,000

An individual who rode his bike over a deep pothole filled with water, which he thought was a small puddle, has settled his case. The victim flew over the handlebars and broke his spine in three places. Yuck! The government immunity cap applies to cases like this. The cap is way too low for people that receive long term traumatic injuries.

Family Files $50 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Healthcare Agency

This victim was born with cerebral palsy. He lived in a trailer home while under 24 hour care from the Hand and Heart Home Health Company. The trailer caught fire and killed the victim, who could not escape the fire. The nurse who was supposed to be there at the time had called off. Hand and Heart Home Healthcare failed to send a fill-in nurse for the victim.

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner Sued In Fatal Crash

Retired Olympian Bruce Jenner is a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit involving a fatal car crash. Jenner was involved in a highway pile-up in Malibu, California. His Escalade rear ended a Lexus, pushed it into oncoming traffic and killed the 69 year old driver.

Parents File Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Hit & Run Crash

The parents of a Chico State University nursing student have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Ohio man involved in a drunk driving incident that led to their daughter’s death. The drunken defendant’s blood alcohol level at the time of his arrest was .33, over four times the legal limit. We do all wrongful death and auto accident cases.

College Blues – Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against South Carolina University and Its Fraternity

A family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Clemson University, a fraternity and three fraternity brothers for their son’s death. Their Clemson University son died after an event at the fraternity.

How Do We Keep Evidence Out At Trial

In an auto accident or injury case how do we keep evidence out so that the jury doesn’t hear it during trial? By filing a Motion in Limine. This allows the Judge to review our Motion before jury selection and then rule on it. That way the Judge can rule whether the evidence is admissible or not, outside of the jury’s presence.

Social Security Claims

We now welcome anyone who has a Social Security claim to contact our office. It is another area of the law where we are taking inquiries. If you have a Social Security or Social Security disability claim, please contact us.

Congratulations to last month’s winner John K. He won our prize of a $50.00 gift card from WalMart last month.

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