APRIL 2015

Special Thanks

I would like to personally thank NEOCHA DIXON, DONIKA REED, BOBBY REED, RALPH FERRONE, THERESA POINDEXTER, GREGORY REED, JEAN VAN NATTA AND CLAIRISSA HICKS who have graciously referred us clients concerning injury cases recently. I hope you know how much I appreciate your kind referrals. My sincere thanks to each and everyone of you and any others I might have failed to acknowledge. We really appreciate you and hope everyone continues to keep us in mind regarding injury referrals.
Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Man Fatally Struck By Truck

The force of a truck impacting a car is incredible. In this case, the truck driver hit the deceased’s car head on. The truck driver was charged with aggravated driving under the influence of drugs and failure to stop after having been involved in a fatality. We currently represent several truck accident victims and are always available for a free consultation regarding your claim.
Family Sues Surgeon, Hospital For Girl’s Death

The family of a 13 year old girl, who died from a perforation of the heart, 5 days after surgery, has sued her surgeon and the hospital. The surgeon may have negligently placed the central venous catheter in the wrong area of the child’s heart causing her death. Yes we also do medical malpractice cases and will talk to you for free about your claim!
Dishonesty Bond

Did you know that you can get a bond for acts of dishonesty involving your company? For a fee, an insurance company will provide you a bond that will cover thefts at your business. I just ran across that in a criminal case I have.
Criminal Law – You Be The Judge

Question: Can the police tell the jury at trial that the Defendant refused to speak to them before hisarrest? What about one’s right to remain silent?
Answer: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently addressed this issue. The Pennsylvania High Court ruled that a brief reference at trial to the Defendant’s refusal to talk to the police before his arrest is permissible. Surprised?
Auto Fatality – Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed For Teacher Killed In Collision

A special education teacher was killed in a head on collision after being struck by another car. A teenager hit her head on, killing her. The teenager was not under the influence of alcohol at the time, but drove in a reckless manner that caused the teacher’s death.
Psychological Injuries – Workers Compensation

What if you suffer a mental injury while working. Are you entitled to workers compensation? Yes, the standards are a little different, but as long as you can show your mental injuries occurred and it was an extraordinary event at work that caused your mental disability, you are entitled to have your wage loss and medical benefits paid.

Limited Tort/Full Tort

I strongly advise you to select the Full Tort option on your auto policy. The $ savings between the two is pretty small compared to what you are giving up by selecting the Limited Tort option. If you are injured in an auto accident caused by another person, you can recover for your pain and suffering if you have selected the Full Tort option. Limited Tort is more iffy.
A Smart Client

I have a client who was involved in an auto accident and had selected the Limited Tort option. Then she decided to change her policy to Full Tort. A few weeks after selecting the Full Tort option, she was involved in a second accident. Therefore, she is going to have the right to recover for her injuries from the second accident.
A Scary Statistic – Study Finds Pedestrian Deaths Up 40% In Pennsylvania

The question is why pedestrian deaths are up so high? Could it possibly be that people are using their phones and/or texting while they are walking, especially when entering an intersection? Please do not use your phone or text when walking.
Did You Hear About The San Francisco Church That Used Its Sprinkler System To Douse Homeless People As They Slept Near The Building Doorways?

I am sure it was not intentional, but with this winterweather, someone could easily suffer hypothermia from it.
Congratulations to last month’s winner Kim E. She won our prize of a $50.00 gift card from Giant Eagle.
Now for the April Newsletter question: What Day Are Your Federal Taxes Due? Hint, it is coming up quickly.
Happy Spring Everyone!!

Well we got through another winter together.This winter had frigid weather, but not a lot of snow (thankfully).

Let’s look forward to Spring and sunny days ahead.
We really, really like you our readers!
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