In this Issue — September 2010

  • Car problems and Trust

I finished up a hearing in Washington County last week. As I started up my van to drive home about 40 miles away-boom-nothing but smoke everywhere. I had a choice to have the van towed to where I live or to trust a local auto mechanic to fix the problem. There was something about the local mechanic that I immediately felt – trust. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but I sensed it immediately. The local mechanic fixed my problem for a reasonable fee. What does that have to do with picking the right attorney? Well, it’s really the same thing. You can pick a firm you see on TV every 10 seconds but you probably will not feel that level of trust you have with us. It’s intangible but very real. I didn’t want to get ripped off by the local mechanic for my car problem – I wanted a mechanic I could trust. You want an attorney who you can trust, one that will not take advantage of you. That’s what I can offer you. Trust!! You can believe, when I offer you advice, that what I am telling you is what I really believe. I can tell you, from my car problem, that feeling you can trust the professional is very reassuring!!

  • Mom to Get $5M for Crash That Killed Daughter

A San Jose, Calif. mother will receive $5 million to settle a lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric for a utility truck crash that killed her daughter in an auto collision.

Twenty-year-old Mary Bernstein and her boyfriend, Robert Conway, died in a fiery accident in 2006 when a PG&E truck crashed into a group of cars stopped on an Interstate 280 off-ramp.

  • Jury Orders Nursing Home to Pay $4.85 Million

Eight years after his death, a jury has ordered a Michigan nursing home to pay $4.85 million to the estate of an elderly patient who died of a morphine overdose administered by the nursing staff.

  • A Grade School Student Can’t Sue

for being given a one-day, in- school suspension for violating the school’s cellphone policy. The student received the suspension after school officials confiscated her cellphone when it began ringing in class. The student’s parents didn’t learn of her suspension until after it was served. The student and her parents then sued the school, claiming they were deprived of procedural due process rights because they were not provided notice and an opportunity to be heard prior to the suspension. The Courts said sorry, but the suspension stands.

  • Garmin Recalls 1.25 Million GPS Units for Fire Hazard

Garmin is recalling 1.25 million GPS devices, most of which were sold in America, because their batteries could overheat and cause fires, the company said last week. The affected units contain batteries made by a third-party supplier, and almost 800,000 were sold in America.


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  • Two Small Firms Win $10.8M Verdict Against Pizza Hut

Two small California firms have won a $10.8 million verdict against Pizza Hut for injuries sustained by a victim in a head-on collision with a Pizza Hut driver. The horrendous injuries were caused by the carelessness of the Pizza Hut driver.

  • Parents of Stillborn Child Can Sue for Emotional Distress

The parents of a stillborn child can now sue their medical providers for negligent infliction of emotional distress in Indiana.

  • Siren Company Not Liable for Firefighters’ Hearing Loss

A Pennsylvania jury has found Federal Signal Corp. not liable for claims by nine city firefighters that the company’s sirens caused their noise-induced hearing loss. The unanimous jury verdict followed a two-week trial.

  • So You Think You Have Problems Department/Pakistan Flooding:

Aslaam Noon sits cross-legged on the ground in the scorching Sindhi sun. He raises his hands to the sky and cries out for God, and then he gently leans over and kisses the small mount of dirt in front of him. Buried underneath is the body of his eight-year-old son. Please pray for the people of Pakistan. After all we are all Brothers and Sisters.