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  • A Chance To Win a Free Turkey
    The November Newsletter And Calls

Happily, last November we were flooded with reader calls answering our monthly Newsletter question. By answering the question correctly, you had a chance to win a $50 Giant Eagle gift card to use to buy your Thanksgiving turkey. Well, the same rules apply this year. Okay, here is the November question: (drum roll please).

What day of the week is Thanksgiving celebrated on?
Good God, if you get this one wrong, you really are a turkey!!

  • Tribune Review Newspaper Articles

Please let me know what you think about the “Ask The Injury Lawyer” questions we write each week. It usually runs in the Trib on Monday after the Steeler game in the back of the sports section. Below is a sample question that ran in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on October 12, 2010. For those of you that don’t get the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review you can view the questions and answers here on our website.

  • You Be The Judge – Can police search a suspect’s bag even after he is handcuffed?

Answer, Apparently Yes. The search of a bag incident to an arrest is permissible because a reasonable possibility exists that the defendant could grab a weapon or destroy evidence in the bag, the 3rd Circuit has ruled.
Let’s follow the fact pattern: The defendant was carrying a bag in a hotel lobby when he was stopped by police. He dropped the bag to the floor when he was about to be handcuffed. When the bag was searched, the police found a large amount of stolen goods.
The defendant argued that because he was handcuffed, he could not have accessed the bag or its contents, and therefore the search violated the Fourth Amendment. The court disagreed.
“Handcuffs are not fail-safe…There remained a sufficient possibility that the defendant could access a weapon in his bag to justify the search. Although he was handcuffed and guarded by two policemen, the bag was literally at his feet and he could have just dropped down and grabbed a weapon from the bag.” Hmmm…does that seem like a stretch to you??

  • Worker’s Compensation Does Not Prevent An Asbestos Lawsuit

State workers’ compensation exclusivity law does not bar a Product Liability lawsuit brought by a plaintiff who alleged she was exposed to asbestos both on the job and as the result of washing her husband’s work clothes, a New Jersey court decided, in affirming a $7.5 million jury verdict.

  • Mel Gibson And The Rest Of The Story

Sheriff’s Deputy Who Arrested Actor Mel Gibson Sues Own Department – The Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for drunken driving in 2006 has sued his department, claiming he has since been passed over for promotions.
Deputy James Mee’s lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for loss of income, benefits and medical expenses, and for emotional distress and mental suffering. Mee, who is Jewish, claims he was forced by his superiors, to remove references to anti-Semitic slurs uttered by the actor-director during the arrest.
The lawsuit also claims that one of his sergeants erased a video- tape taken of Gibson in a booking area showing Gibson uttering religious slurs. Mee claims he was transferred after Gibson’s arrest and has not been awarded promotions because of the arrest.

  • Thank You

Always Thank You Readers for taking the time to read our Newsletter. We sure appreciate your referrals! You know there are people out there out of work who barely have enough money to make ends meet. If any of you are really unable to afford a turkey for Thanksgiving, please call me. We will work something out.

  • Congratulations to Norma T. for answering last month’s question correctly.

Now let’s set a record for this year’s calls!!


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  • Go Steelers And Have A Fantastic Thanksgiving!!